Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, August 16, 2013

Jam Packed

I don't know if you remember but on Tuesday, Holland and Greer got to go
to Roaring Springs water park with my dear friend Pam Brown.
Reese-- we kept home since she hadn't been feeling well.
Today was her turn and Pam surprised her by inviting one of Reese's best friends, Elly.
 From all accounts, they had a grand time racing each other down the slides,...
 floating down the Lazy River
and having ice cream for lunch with "Aunt Pam".
 They went straight from the park... to my parents house
where we threw the official birthday party for Boy Wonder.
He and we were all too sick last week to do it up right.
So tonight was the night.
Pam had this ice cream cake made specially for our little guy.
 And yes, look at that face.  She sure hit a home run.
 We kept it pretty simple.. we had dinner and opened presents
with my brother, Doug and his family, Elly and Ron Moomey, Pam and Rod Brown
and Chelsea Borup and her dad Mark.
Kean's Grandma Kay sent him the cutest little toy cars...
 and Ron and Elly gave him the movie Cars 2.
He was so funny.  He opened that up, climbed down and just
stared and stared at the movie and mouthed "Cars".
Never have I seen a child so obsessed with a movie-- make that a franchise.
Too bad we didn't buy more stock in Disney/Pixar.
I think he had a good day.  He seemed happier today than he's been in weeks.


Melissa said...

That is so funny. Ellie Monsen in our neighbor from across the street. I thought I recognized her. Hope you had a great day. Can't go wrong with Roaring Springs! Everyone looks happy.