Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, August 1, 2013

So Not Ansel Adams

Mister Grumpypants is still struggling...
which makes for an awfully long day.
I almost bagged his horse therapy session this morning but thought we'd try.
Thank goodness.
In spite of feeling lousy, he made it about 20 minutes with his horse Reba.
 He even... clear as a bell... said "hi" to some folks watching just outside the arena.
That was worth the trip for that alone.
 Here's cute Emily who led Reba while Candice and I walked on
either side of him.
 Then this afternoon, we threw a big ol' birthday bash for Miss Reese.
Last year we totally cancelled her birthday party due to Kean's diagnosis.
Remember, we had a little family shin dig in one of the hospital rooms-- anyway,
this year, I told her she could invite a ton of friends-- we played water games,
went swimming at Grandpa Bodily's and did the cake and ice cream thing.
But look at how every single one of my pictures turned out. 
Clearly there is a reason I was in front of the camera in my old news days
instead of behind it.
Sure don't know what in the world I did.
But the party turned out much better than the pics.
Elly Moomey saved my bacon once again by helping out...
and sweet Lindsay Pennington hung out with the Keanster
to keep him segregated from all those little germ factories--
I mean, all of those little kiddos.