Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Look Ma, No Hands!

Time again for Kean's horse therapy lessons.
The boy is getting more and more confident on the horse
and doesn't like me or the person walking on the other side of him
to touch him.
 They are so great at Little Feather Ranch.
One Saturday out of each month (August 31st this time), they
open up their arena and give free rides to special needs kids.
They also, usually let one of my girls hop on the horse
at the end of Kean's lesson for a few times around the arena.
Today, Greer thought she was in heaven.
Our other interesting news today... Kean had his 4 year check up
with his Pediatrician, Dr. Sandstrom.
We adore her... even though she has been dethroned as his doctor
and can't give him any shots or really do anything without the
approval of the powers that be at the cancer clinic.
Anyway, Kean is in the whopping 4th percentile on the growth charts.
But on the Down syndrome charts he is 50 percent for weight
and in the 70's for height.
Who knew!!!
The bad news today:  he has a red throat.
The good news:  a Strep test was negative.
He seems okay tonight.
Don't need another roller coaster of a week.