Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The first day of school started off quite rocky (but ended up great thank goodness).
The girls and I headed down to the bus stop about 8 minutes early to snap some
first day pics.
 We snapped and snapped and waited and waited...
 and get this... the bus never came.
Nope.  Never.
 The girls even resorted to doing dance numbers in the street to kill some time.
With only a few minutes to go before school started, our neighbor
took her son and my girls.
All together we waited close to an hour for that dang bus before giving up and going in to call the school
transportation department.  After several calls and conversations, they told me the bus driver
did stop and was only a few minutes late.
I stopped myself from saying they had a liar on their hands but told them it didn't add up
and they needed to figure this out.
Hours later, I get a call from the top supervisor saying this driver had told them
as it was, he would not be able to get the kids to school on time-- so he moved up the times to pick up
and was at our stop ten minutes earlier than we had been told to be there (just yesterday afternoon at the school).
Big failure to communicate with the parents, eh?
I wonder how full his bus was if he was at all the stops that early.
What a cluster.  And I'm kind of worried to meet this bus driver tomorrow-- he sounds like an idiot.
An idiot driving my kids to school each day.
So not excited.
The girls did not ride the bus home.
Reese had her big check up with the doctor now that she's 7.
Are you ready for this?  She is in the 3rd percentile for weight and height.
We tell her she's "small but mighty".
She weighs a whopping 39 pounds.
Kean, came in yesterday at the hospital at 29 pounds.
What's up with my shrimpy kids?
By the way, Kean is weathering his Chemo blast as expected.
He vomited three times today-- once right on top of his ipad, which we
now refer to as his ipuke (since he's tossed on top of it now several times)!
Byron has this crazy theory that Kean is getting motion sickness from watching
Cars and that is what is making him throw up.
Nice try.  Wish it was that simple.