Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Eagle's Scout

Pill  Boy was back today.
Hopefully, just for the day.
And here I thought we had turned a corner.
But perhaps, just perhaps, (as my friend Teresa pointed out)
it could be that he is back on Steroids-- and that's
what is making him so grouchy.
 I hope this isn't offensive, but Byron has started joking
that he thinks our boy is Bi-Polar.
At dinner tonight he was crying, whining and refusing to eat much
The minute Byron mentioned it was time for a
motorcycle ride-- he turned on a dime and stopped crying immediately
If only he could ride and ride his days away-- this house arrest
thing would be much easier for him.
 Tonight Greer opted to sleep out in the playhouse by herself.
She's a brave one- that one.
She set up a little table with sunscreen (sunscreen?), lotions
and everything a girl might need in the middle of the night.
 And she even set up Reese's little tent as her "dressing room" downstairs.
Clearly the Boy Scouts don't have anything on her
when it comes to being prepared!