Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day Five: Moving Forward

I'd like to offer up the best proof possible that Boy Wonder is making progress.
They let us take him to a playroom with sterile toys-- nirvana for a kid who has been cooped up in a crib.
He was in toy heaven until we got the call to head back to the room for treatment.  Be happy I didn't record the fit he threw-- gotta love what these drugs are doing to my boy.
We also had a slew of dear friends come visit... including our neighbors the Bodilys.
They brought the biggest get well card ever-- a long poster signed by all the little kids who go to our church.
One of 'em wrote:  "Kean, you are such a tropper".  Love that!
 Kean's sweet therapists-- Maureen, aka Momma Gump and his speech therapist Meagan brought Byron and I lunch
and of course lot of attention for Keanut.
My nieces came up to see our little "tropper".  Okay, quick, notice anything different about the bed in the picture above
versus the picture below?
Yup, new bedding, new clothes, new toys etc.  Kean had a messy diaper of epic proportions.  I'm not kidding-- a week's worth crammed into one!  I told my nieces that it was if someone had poured an entire bowl of cake batter into a too small diaper.  Unless you were there, you'd never believe how bad it was and all the places it was.
But here's the funny part, when I pushed the call button for his nurse, she actually clapped when she saw the mess.
We've been so worried about getting this little guy's pipes unclogged-- it was a banner day.
I can't believe I just wrote an entire paragraph about a poopy diaper.  But it has been a pretty big deal around here.
Okay, a few other notes.
Kean had his first four hour blood transfusion today.  He's definitely feeling better, the swelling has gone down quite a bit on his arm and leg and he put weight on them both this evening.
We had a sweet experience with a family we knew from years back.  Their now almost seven year old son is just finishing up his 3 years and 8 weeks fighting Leukemia.  We just so happened to run into them when we reported to MSTI and Kean's cancer doctor on Wednesday.  They came up this evening and brought a blanket their son, Sam had picked out for Kean.  They will be a great resource and source of strength as we start down this path.
Also, our old ward (two wards ago) fasted for our family and especially little Keanut today.  I continue to be in awe of the
outpouring of love and support all of you are sharing with us.
I am overwhelmed with feelings of love for all of you who have commented, called, visited, prayed and petitioned the Lord on our behalf.


Shellee said...

I know how happy we can get when kids poop! Olivia is on a daily dosage of Miralax! If we miss even a day, it messes up the system; too much and we get a "diaper fountain" (that's what my kids call it.) You are in our prayers and in our hearts always!

Stacy said...

Yeah for poop! Honestly good to hear. After grandma got a transfusion last year she also felt so much better. I'm so happy it wasn't in his brain and that he's not in as much pain.

Love ya,


Tomg said...

Life is so full of challenges. Our oldest daughter has been undergoing Chemo @ Huntsman Institute for Breast Cancer... she finishes her Chemo the first week of August. I'm glad Keanan is doing well, so far. You guys are in our prayers...! Aloooooooo-ha...!
Tom & Annette Griffiths

coosmom said...

So glad it is going better-I read every day and you and your whole family are in our prayers- You have so much strength & Grace- you are truly an inspiration ....

Pamela Brown said...

Hey sweet Lon: ive been in alabama/florida since july 8 rod called me and said the ward is fasting for Kean we had no idea! we fasted and we r praying for you and Kean... Im so sad im not there to visit and give you support! Im home on the 25th i will find you ;) please know my prayers are for Kean.... You,Byron and the girls glad to read its been a better day.... I loved the "poop" Story..... I love you xoxo Pam