Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Nine: The Roller Coaster is Ramping Up

The cruelness in here continues.  I'm watching the clock waiting for the techs to come get us at midnight- instead of sleeping.  Kean's stomach has ballooned up again and is tight, tight, tight.
His doctor has ordered a Cat Scan to see if something is going on. 
Poor guy, they are going to inject him with some gunk, he's had to drink some more gunk - we haven't been too successful-- he just wants to sleep.  And I feel the same way.
 Tomorrow's a big day, he has a Bone Marrow extraction and Spinal Tap scheduled for 9:30 (say a little prayer right then please).  And then at 12:30 he is having a surgical procedure to get his port (the way they'll deliver Chemo and other meds for the next three years).
Meanwhile, we are trying to keep life as normal as possible for the Barkettes.
We celebrated Reesey's birthday tonight in the play room.  They closed it down for us.
 I've had several angels come to our rescue to pull this off:  my friend Rachel went shopping for Reese's gifts for me
and our neighbor and dear friend, Gina got the Tinker Bell cake for the girl.  She LOVED it! 
Grandpa picked up the butterfly to replace the candles we couldn't have in the hospital. And of course Grammy
bought pizza and fun decorations.
 Some hospital volunteers surprised all of us with "pillow pets" for each of the kids.
 And our brave little neighbor, Kendra and her family joined us.
Kendra, remember is in the room next door and was diagnosed just days before Christmas
with the same kind of Leukemia Kean has.
We invited them to have some cake and pizza and they spoiled Reese with several presents.
The girl got tons of cards, good wishes and unexpected presents.
I think she is scoring in the feel sorry for her since her brother is in the hospital department.
Don't forget to keep Keanut in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon.
After the Bone Marrow test, we should have a pretty darn good idea if the Chemo is working.
I have a good feeling.


Stacy said...

Poor guy! That belly does look tight. I'll be with Sher at 9:30 and we'll say a prayer. I'm glad the girls have so many great people looking out for them. Such great help!

ps-That girl lego think looks sweet!

Elizabeth said...

Again you are on my mind always. The port will be so much easier! Please know I love you... E