Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Breakfast of the Champions

I thought you'd enjoy seeing Kean's 9 a.m. meds.
He doesn't like taking anything but so far, he's been a real trooper and we've gotten it down the ol' trap.

 One of the nurses just informed me that these are for us.
Shah, Foad, and Ali and Joannah brought these last night
but they can't come in the room-- I think because of bacteria.
But aren't they lovely?


Karson, Betsy, Izzy, and Beckham said...


We are keeping Kean and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We saw his little fighting spirit first hand in the NICU and we know he will use that again now. What a little miracle boy. We love him so much and we only know him as a baby.

Karson, Betsy, Izzy, and Beckham

Kerri said...

I am sooo happy to hear his pain is decreasing and you're both getting some sleep. If you can just hang on through this first week, things will start to settle into a routine and feel a tiny bit easier. I hear you on the hospital stay feeling like torcher...I used to drive everyone crazy telling them it was time to let us go home. I think about you guys so much. I forgot to tell you Kelli's response. "Yes, you would have chosen to go through this just to have Izzy a part of your life even if only for a short time.". Lots of love, Kerri

Terra said...

Hi Lonni,
I was just catching up on some of the blogs I like to follow. I was stunned to see all that Kean and your family have been through recently. I know that prayers matter, and please know, you have mine.