Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, July 20, 2012

Day Ten: A Setback

I don't think I need to die to experience hell.  Been there, done that last night.
Kean was miserable.  In pain and exhausted. 
They couldn't do the Cat Scan until midnight so I was trying to keep him up and force him to drink
what they call "contrast".  I wasn't very successful.
About 1 a.m. the doc called with the results.  Looks like Keanut has a little Pneumonia
and a thickening in his bowel walls.
The thickening in the bowel is what has them ultra worried.  They are treating him as if he has
Teflitus (not sure on the spelling) but it is an infection of the bowel walls that can be fatal for these little guys in
this early phase of Leukemia.  So let me make sure you understand this-- he does NOT have Teflitus, but
he has early signs of it-- so they are hitting it really hard so we aren't to quote the doctor "kicking ourselves
24 hours from now".
We spent the rest of the night getting him through 4 different antibiotics, blood work and IV's.
When the nurses weren't checking on him every half hour, those &^%#@# alarms were going off.
Neither of us got any sleep.

This morning they cancelled his surgery for the port but went ahead and did the Bone Marrow draw and the Spinal Tap.
During the Spinal Tap he got two doses of Chemo.
On top of all of this, we have to keep killing the bad Leukemia cells.
So for now, he is on heavy doses of Morphine-- I guess the bowel inflammation is painful
and he is off all food, milk and water to let his gut rest.
So to add to his misery, he's getting IV nutrition but he thinks he is starving, thanks to the Steroids.
Byron just called and he is on his way up to relieve me.
I think I'll go home and scream at the top of my lungs in the shower!


Karen said...

AHHHHH.. I am screaming with you. My heart hurts that you are experiencing all these scary moments with one of your children. Life stops for the family when there is one in need, doesn't it? Lots of prayers for all of you!!!

karen said...

I'm fairly certain that you won't be experiencing hell after you die... There's a special reserved section in Paradise for the likes of you AND your little suffering guy...

SO frustrated for you both! Sleep is crucial in handling these things--even the most mundane things are completely un-tenable without sleep--my prayer is that you can get at least a little so you can at least cope with these difficult complications, Lonni.

love and hope flooding my heart for you guys...karen tobler

Stacy said...

Oh boy, so sorry. That is definitely not the day we prayed for this morning. There are no words. Just know we're thinking of you.

Love, Stacy

Stephanie said...

Oh wow Lonni, I have been out of town for a week and obviously totally out of it for longer. Just now catching up on all these posts. Tell me what I can do for you. You have another family praying for your family.