Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 20: School Daze

So far, so good today.  Nothing dramatic.  We got Kean's numbers and they have finally started to creep up.  He's at 130.  Just to put it in perspective, a normal, healthy person has counts between 1000 and 9000.  So we have a wee bit of a road to hoe.
We had Dr. Chang come see us today.  She was Kean's doctor clear back when he was in NICU and they found a tumor on his Liver-- which by the way has completely cleared up.  Last week's Cat Scan showed nothing of the pesky little growth that once gave me near heart failure. 
Dr. Chang said Keanut is exactly where she expects him to be at this phase in his treatment (we are 3 weeks in with 3 years and 5 weeks to go-- but who's counting?).
Here's what else we talked about:  Kean turns 3 on August 10th and was supposed to start a special pre-school on August 9th.  Dr. Chang told me to let the school know he will not be there at least for this first year.  Perhaps the Fall of 2013 we can hope for.  Crazy, eh?
The hospital has a schoolroom and teacher here in this children's Cancer wing.  She just came and met with me and we started the paperwork and ball rolling to have her work with him when he is here and have him home schooled when he is, yes, you guessed it, at home.
My friend Marcee just told me to take deep breaths.  One thing at a time.


Marti said...

You and Byron are THE Miracle of Patience and Love in Kean's life. Just remember... you could have named him SPARTACUS!

Jen said...

Marcee is a smart lady. I have thought any you daily this week. Your strength amazes and inspires me. I think it is so great you are writing this all down.

Kerri said...'s hard! Hang in there!! Lots of love!