Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day Four: Turning A Corner

Finally, we have some good news to report.
Kean had an awesome day... compared to what we've experienced the past week and a half.
He seems to have turned a corner in the pain department-- he's still hurting but not at the
excruciating level.  And we even saw glimpses of our happy boy.
His nurse helped me give him a sponge bath, wash his hair and comb out the clumps of matted hair.
I was tempted to just cut out the clumps since he'll be losing it in a few weeks-- but the knots came out easier than I thought-- so phew, he still has his Sampson locks for a while longer (I like to think it gives him strength).
 The bath was exhausting so after a power nap, he woke up and was actually smiling a bit
and even willing to play with some toys. 
 The other good news is he actually ate some food today.  Here's the interesting part;  the nurses had warned me
once the steroids kick in he would be hungry and most likely crave salty, crunchy food.  They must know their stuff, because sure enough, he wouldn't have anything to do with his favorites (yogurt and blueberries) but he macked on
the Sun chips and some french fries I ordered. 
I'm noticing that his neck is looking thicker and he's swelling up-- partly from the steroids and probably partly from all the IV's they are pumping into him.  He is peeing like a racehorse.  I swear I've changed more diapers in the past few days than I typically change in a month.  But we are still waiting for him to poop.  Sorry to be so crass.  But this is a big deal in
here.  We have him on Miralax, Benefiber and prune juice when I can trick him into taking a sip.  All the heavy drugs he's been on-- Morphine and Codeine cause the already chronically constipated boy to be even more stopped up.  And now the chemo he's taking is notorious for clogging the ol' pipes. 
One other big change, he was ornery tonight... oh boy was he.  The doc had warned me one of the biggest side
effects of the steroids is that his evil twin brother will appear for the next 28 days and let's just say we were introduced this evening.  But I will gladly take Mr. Road Rage over watching him in horrific pain.
A few other notes, we got the results back on his Spinal Tap and are you ready for some really great news?  The Leukemia has not reached his brain.  That is huge in my book and I feel a direct answer to prayers.  So thank you again for all of the prayers uttered on our behalf!
Also, one of our favorite friends, Ken Firmage (who used to be the Bishop of our church congregation) came up to Kean's room this evening with his wife.  We had so much fun laughing and talking with them for several hours.  He ended the evening by giving both Byron and I blessings of comfort.  I can't tell you what a special experience that was for both of us and I feel like I can now move forward with faith and handle what is to come.
Kean is a fighter and we are in good hands.  So let's go get this over with!


karen said...

Lonni you are so loved! I cried when I read your recent posts about your newest trial with Kean's health. Literally bless his little heart!

I know you and Byron will dig deep into the wells of the faith that has gotten you through his previous health ordeals, and I'm so glad you received a blessing of comfort--may you be comforted!

I love you and love your darling family. My MIL Janet Tobler also gives her love and hugs...xxoo karen

Kerri said...

I remember just laughing when Izzy would ask for a baked potato smothered in salt and ranch for BREAKFAST! Oh those steroids! And the rage is just comical since u know the source, right? You're bringing back so many memories for me. S glad to see things looking up. Loves!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I understand those steroids!!! The cravings I had were exactly the same!!! I think of you and Keen all day... Please know I would be there if you needed me. I really would. Step by step... Day by Day. Each day will get better...

Chris said...

Lonni, I am so happy to hear that Kean seems to be taking steps forward, and I'm especially happy that the cancer has not invaded his brain. Praise God.

Know that we are all praying for him and all of you.


Pamela Brown said...

Lon: im learning a lot from reading this blog. i havent been on your blog before other than the time you and i went on it together... Reading it made me realize how much time has passed since we 've been together. i cant help but sit here and cry that i cannot be thete for you. Im home on the 25th... I hope its ok that i come running Im praying for Kean and your sweet family. I love you lon xo,pam