Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Ode To Drugs

I'd like to express my eternal gratitude to the inventors of Morphine and the Antibiotics Kean has been on.  Last night, his nurse told me his X-rays look good and hopefully the Doc will choose today to let him eat and drink.  He also had his best sleep in this place ever!  He only woke up one time-- and that's with the nurse coming in and taking his temp, blood pressure and vitals every few hours!
One final bit of great news, that same wonderful nurse told me he is doing amazingly well, better than most kids she see's with Down's getting Chemo.  So your prayers are working.  Thank you!

P.S.  The blackberries are coming on.  All you locals who want to buy mondo, scrumptious, organic (and inexpensive) berries from the girls-- email me for details and to get on their list.


gramyflys said...

That's great news about Kean. And I wish your girls could ship those amazing blackberries to AZ!!!!

yukonskeeper said...

Glad to hear that Kean is doing so well. Only caught a glimpse of you and the girls today but it was great to see you.

Stacy said...

So glad he's getting some relief. Amen to the antibiotic thing. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it without them!

Deb said...

That is HOORAY news for Spartacus! He is a champ <3