Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day Eleven: Hunger Pains

The torture chamber is still in business and I think it has about put my mother over the edge.
She and my 93 year old- wonder of the world- grandmother came up to "spell" me. 
By the time I got here this evening, my mom was in tears. 
It is oh-so-rough watching Kean in pain and not understanding why he can't have even a sip of water.
The only saving grace is the Morphine that takes some of the edge off a very edgy boy.

They brought in a play mat today-- so a bit of a change of scenery. 
And of course, we all took him for endless wagon rides.  That is one of the few sure things that he finds calming.
They X-rayed his belly and chest today.  We have not heard the results but the doc said he is hopeful we can start him on liquids tomorrow if all looks good.  He said better to have him suffer through a few days of hunger and let his bowels rest than have his gut irritated for a week or two.  The swelling is way down.  So I'm hopeful tomorrow the imposed starvation will come to an end.