Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 15: Spoiled With Love

We are still giddy from our good news earlier today.  But I had to share a few things that have made us
feel so very loved today.
My dearest friend Elly Moomey came up again and stayed with Kean for the afternoon
so I could go home for a nap and shower.
I swear, I need to add her name (along with my mom's) for submissions to the Vatican for Sainthood.
Elly loves on Kean, brings me healthy dinners, fruit and books to read and keeps me sane.
I could not get through this without her.
 When I got home today, I found my favorite Costa Vida (fresh Mex) waiting for me from my friend Pam.
And a box with the quilt in the picture below.
My childhood friend, April and her husband Chris sent Keanut the blanket.
If you are a regular reader, you'll remember April-- she and Chris took Greer out on the town
in Vegas a month ago.  And April is the one who grew up just one house away from me.
Our next door neighbor, "Sunny" used to get so mad at us girls when we'd sneak through
his back yard while playing "Charlie's Angels".  We later found out he was a hit man for the mafia.
No joke.  I suppose we are lucky to be alive.
Anyway, at April's church there was a lady who had Cancer (she has since passed).
She started a group that makes quilts for Cancer patients.  The quilt they made for Kean has little prayers or sayings
on several of the squares.  The card that came with it states the group prayed for Kean over every square they made and they will continue to pray for him at each of their quilting sessions.
They call their blankets:  Hope Quilts.
I think I'll just think of it as a quilt full of love.