Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, July 20, 2012

Day Ten: Bits and Pieces of Sleep

As I sit down to write this, the little one is asleep, whimpering, but asleep. 
At last.
He has had one rough day.  As mentioned, he can't eat or drink anything but those darn Steroids make him feel like he's starving.  So poor Byron (love that guy) pulled him and his IV tower around in the wagon for 2 1/2 hours to try and keep his mind off of F.O.O.D.
He is on IV nutrition, just in case you were worried the docs were starving the boy-- but it does nothing to make his tummy feel full.
Some good news:  the antibiotics have kicked in.  The swelling to his belly is nearly gone.  And we think we are finally on top or ahead of the pain with the Morphine. 
Byron took over for the afternoon and evening.  I went home and completely crashed.  Between a nap and a shower, I feel less zombie-like and as a bonus, I smell like soap again (instead of vomit).  Hey, I'm not forcing you to read this blog.
We had no fireworks with his Bone Marrow procedure or Spinal Tap (unlike last week with the breathing difficulties and IV failure).  We should get his results back on Monday to tell us how much of the Leukemia cells have been blasted to hell -- where they belong.  And as if he's not getting enough medication with FOUR different antibiotics, he got two doses of Chemo today-- directly into the Spinal Tap.  I can't forget that we still have to fight the Cancer while now fighting the infection.  It is a lot. 
Three bright spots today.  One of the heads of our bank came by the hospital today with a card and stuffed monkey.  I can't imagine that happening in Phoenix or LA.  I love it here.
My amazing Visiting Teachers (two women assigned to visit me each month from church), Pepe and Teresa sterilized my house today... in the hopes that Kean will be coming home sooner, rather than later.  They worked their tails off.
Also, we got three birthday cards in the mail today for Greer!  My friend Stacey had her boys make birthday cards for Reese and well, it's nice to know I'm not the only sleep deprived mom.  It gave me such a laugh today when I opened the mailbox.  Thanks for making the mistake!


Shellee said...

Yay for sleep. You are all in our prayers and thank you for keeping us all posted. I'm in love with Kean and his happy smile. I'm sending him virtual hugs!!!!

Joseph and Kamber said...

Yes, thanks for the updates. I enjoyed seeing the girls in primary last week.

Stacy said...

I'm glad my delirium made you smile! :)