Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 7, 2012


It's not a good sign to be recognized in the Emergency Room.
Yes, after last month's visit for Pneumonia, Keanut made a return tour this afternoon for a hurt arm.
He's been sick all week with a lovely fever and this afternoon, I noticed his right arm was all swollen
and he was favoring it heavily.
A call to the Pediatrician's Office hot line... sent us to the emergency room to have it checked out.
Several hours and several X-rays later, the doc sent us home with Kean in a splint/cast and an appointment early next week with an Orthopedic Pediatrician for more tests.
They don't think it is related to the virus-- rather, that he hurt his elbow either falling or getting pulled up to a standing position by someone in the family.
The doc felt some "grinding" when moving his elbow (let's just say Kean didn't like that much)... and thinks
there is a hairline fracture so small it isn't showing up in the X-Rays (not so uncommon) or that he has damaged his tendons or tissue. 
Mr. Trooper has to "keep off it"... keep it dry and keep it elevated.
In other words, Mom has her work cut out for her.