Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day Eight: Tick Tock

We had quite the rough night.  The boy was clearly agitated.
So much for sleep... again.
He has started grinding his teeth when he is in pain or uncomfortable.
It drives me crazy but I keep telling myself that they are just his baby teeth and if he grinds them to dust,
he'll eventually get new ones.
We finally got his many meds to stay down this morning without  coming up minutes later.
That meant adding another... anti-nausea medication.  So more meds.  Sigh.
Momma Gump... aka, Maureen his Occupational Therapist is coming today to try and keep him on track.
Let's hope he feels good enough to focus.
I thought I'd share this sweet video from her last session on the 4th of July.
As an intermission from his working, she blows bubbles.
I can't, can't, can't believe we caught this on camera.


Greg and Sarah said...


This is Sarah (Lesher) Newman. Your cousin Laurie (Leavitt) Lesher's daughter. I just wanted to tell you how much our family has been praying for you guys. My little two year old includes your little man in her prayers every night...and I know those prayers are heard. :) I love the updates on the blog. Anyway, know that we are here for you guys and love you all so much! GO KEAN GO!!!