Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 14: Two Weeks and Somehow We've Survived

It  is amazing how we can have one of our best night's sleep in here and then the next night (last night) have one of our worst.  Kean kept kinking his IV lines and that stupid alarm went off at least 30 times.
On the few occasions I've been able to get in a nap, I've dreamt about that beeping alarm.
I swear I'm half ready for the nut house.
One other crazy thing, at about 3a.m., it smelled like a skunk had sprayed in our hospital room.
No joke.
Our nurse said it happens once in a while.  We are in a special unit where the air in his room is screened-- it's called
a positive air flow room.  Clearly, they don't screen out the stink.
Okay, down to business.  Kean's counts were even lower today.  From 200 to 120.
So now we have to keep the door closed to our room and be hyper vigilant about germs.  The doc came in with an entourage-- five of them in all,
and Keanut freaked out.  And I mean, freaked out.  Maybe he thought he was going under again or having another procedure.  Who knows.
His power eating is back at full force.  Perhaps he'll gain back the weight he lost over the past few days.
One of the highlights in this place is Music Therapy.
He LOVED today's session and listen closely as he sings along.
Finally, to keep us from going insane, they shut down the playroom and let Kean come for 20 minutes.
Today we made ice cream in a bag.
 I think he liked the process more than the eating.
Two bites was enough.


Pam Beeler said...

That smile in the pic where he is looking at the camera is too much. Kean is such a trooper and so are you. Continued prayers and love, lady.

william Frost said...

Ohhhh! Bill & I just read your blog. What can we say?... our knee's are weak as we think of the pain that has been being endured...our compassion, hearts & prayers are extended to you, all your family & those that help make the pathway easier. You've done a fine job of explaining & edifying & we appreciate your writings & your willingness to share.
Lots of Love, Mona & Bill Frost