Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day Seven: The Vomit Comet Has Arrived

I must be getting some help from up above because in spite of the fact I've had hardly any sleep in this torture chamber hospital, I'm not quite as bone tired as I should be.  Go figure.  Saint Dee (my mom) came up to stay with Kean and sent me home to do laundry, get a nap and a much needed shower.
Kean is about the same.  His blood numbers look good enough that he doesn't need another blood transfusion for now. However, his ANC or Absolute Neutrophil Count is down below the safe zone-- so from now on he's at high risk for infection.  The "powers that be" let my mom take Keanut down to the playroom for an appointment-- he had to be the only person in there (except my mom and the specialist) and they had to completely sterilize the room before his visit.  So our lives have moved into the next phase.  Germs will be enemy number one from now on.
When I got back from my little hiatus, he wasn't feeling too swell.  About ten minutes after my return he threw up, then repeated the vomiting two more times.  So much for clean clothes and smelling like soap!
He's asleep though and hopefully will feel better tomorrow.  Poor little guy.  With all the meds being squirted into his mouth or shot into his body via the IV's, I am amazed he has not grown a second head or at least broken out in hairy purple spots!  The nausea -- we've been expecting.  But it still sucks.


Pamela Brown said...

Hi lon: this is my 3rd post ive now read it all and im so unbelieveably moved. Im sorry im a whole country away. Ive read everything and looked at all the pics. Ill be home next week and will be there for you for whatever you need. Im a phonecall away if u need to talk. I love you. XO Pam

Stacy said...

Oh yuck. Barf ... not fun at all. My big prayer (besides that Kean will be able to endure the torture chamber, I mean hospital, is that you can get some sleep! We love you!