Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Just earlier today, I posted about how nice, dull and boring it was in here today.  And don't worry, things stayed calm in here.  Let me repeat that:  in here.  But out there... a bit crazy.  I started getting calls late this afternoon from neighbors looking for Byron.  A brush fire started about a mile from our home and was growing bigger and heading in the direction of our place-- again!
It was almost exactly two years ago, that we were evacuated, much of our land burned up and our two neighbors lost their home in a fire through the foothills of Eagle.  Here's a link to my post back then with pictures of how close it came.
We dodged the bullet back then and lucked out again today.  Byron called about three hours later to tell me the fire was well under control and didn't make it very close to our home.  Still some nervous moments for everyone.