Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 12: A Smorgasboard of Liquids

Cue the band... it is time to celebrate.
Late this afternoon, the doctor gave Kean the go -ahead to go on clear liquids.
And holy cow, what a difference a bit of nourishment makes.
Byron earned "Father of the Year" marks today.  He spent the day with the boy
while I spent the day with the girls.  They leave tomorrow with my mom for a week long family reunion.
Here's a little video Byron shot of Kean having his first real food:  Jello.
Kean's beloved therapist, Maureen (Momma Gump) brought lunch in for Byron to sneak and
eat while Keanut napped.
You can tell he's feeling better because he did what he always does... swiped her glasses.
 And for the first time in days, my baby let me hold him without wiggling, whining and crying.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially turned a corner and hopefully will move on to
soft foods tomorrow and a day, just perhaps, without Morphine.


Stacy said...

How cute is he diggin' that Jello! Love the video! Love you guys!

emily sessions said...

Never thought watching someone eat jello would bring tears to my eyes!

Shellee said...

YAY! He's SO stinking cute! I'm so glad he's finally having a good day!