Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 18: A Wish Granted

Ah, things are good today.  It is exactly what we had hoped for-- dullness and boredom.
We are trapped in the room.  Unfortunately, Kean's counts have dipped again. 
Now he is only at 90 and has to be somewhere around
500 for them to even consider letting us go home.
But... and this is a big but... there is no drama today.  Other than a little pain from yesterday's Chemo
and procedure... all is well.
I took this video last night while waiting for them to put Kean under and re-do his Central line.
It's not the most exciting, but you can see that the steroids are starting to present Kean with a round, little moon face.
More to kiss, eh?
By the way, his procedure last night went perfectly.
The doctors had some emergency with an infant so didn't come get him until after 8:30.
Kean was so hungry and fussy by then and I was quite spent... that when Byron and my dad walked through
the door and surprised us-- I could have cried.  Perfect timing.
Kean was back in his room by 9:45, had a late, late supper and then went to bed and slept pretty good until meds and blood work at 6 this morn. 
Let's hope tomorrow's counts will start the climb upward so we can get out of here.


JACK-A-JAME? said...

I am praying for your sweet family. You are so strong it is amazing.

JACK-A-JAME? said...

(this is jenny MacDonald!)

Mindy said...

Lonni, it was so nice to see your mom and girls up in Wyoming! Hopefully a few more visits and our girls won't be quite so shy around each other...
We continue to pray for little Kean and your whole family.

mazie07 said...

Love you guys! So sorry I haven'tbeen in. I'm on vacation with my family. I'll call you Monday!