Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, February 21, 2013

There's Hope

Yes... hope that just tonight Keanut is turning a corner and finally feeling a bit better.
He had a rough night last night.  You know, one of those nights when you are up all night, he's crying non stop
and you figure you'll be
dragging the kiddo down to the doctors the minute they open.
But by morning, he wasn't so bad and then you start questioning yourself and playing the should I call
or shouldn't I call game.
Hate that.
He did wake up from his nap in a much better place-- and even played 'hide under the hat'
with his poppa tonight.

Of course, the main game we seem to be playing in this house is get
him finally feeling better so he can go to the hospital on
Monday, get a double dose of Chemo, get knocked down
and start the process all over again.
What's that saying... what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger?
We'll be competing in the Ironman by the time this is all over.