Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, February 24, 2013


We opted to celebrate my mom's birthday tonight (instead of Tuesday)
and no surprise here, the girls came up with a little program
for the birthday girl.
 First off, a little ballet... which turned into mostly twirling and leaping.
Kean even got in on the action - obviously, he is having a better day than yesterday.
Thank heavens.
Holland and my niece, Morgan took turns doing magic tricks. 
Reese even threw in a little jump rope exhibition.
 And then... (finally) it was present time.
Reese put a gift bag together all on her own.
Inside... she made a homemade card and gave Grammy 1 dollar and 50 cents.
Can't wait to see the shopping spree she goes on with that mother lode.
It was truly very cute.
Then all the grand kids had written up their testimonies of Christ and gave
them to my mom.
 It was quite touching to hear each child read their sweet and simple testimonies.
I think this is one birthday we won't forget.
Kean also won't likely forget that during rehearsals today, the girls
dressed him up in a top hat and a tutu.

Poor kid. As if he doesn't have enough to fight off.
Tomorrow is Chemo day.
Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.


Stacy said...

We used to dress clint up like that! At least they didn't apply makeup! :)