Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Little Break For the Little Boy

Breaking news...
I got a call tonight from the hospital.
Kean's planned Spinal Tap for Monday has been changed to
just regular doses of Chemo through his port.
(His next sppointment will be a Spinal)
But for now, we are thrilled that he doesn't have to fast or go under for next week's treatment.
 Trust me, that's cause to celebrate.
 Keanut has definitely turned a corner.
Finally, finally he slept through the night.
And for this over-the-hill mother... that is huge!
His cough is settling down and he was much happier today.
 Tonight, by the way, my folks watched Kean for a bit, while Byron and I took
the girls out to Sizzler.  They had earned free dinners from a reading project
and were thrilled to get to go out as a family (minus one).
The manager of the restaurant came over to talk to us and when he found
out that the girls had to leave their little brother at home, he had the kitchen
cook up a kids meal to go (to take home to Boy Wonder) and
gave each of the girls another reading coupon for a free dinner.
The little ladies thought it was the most awesome of nights.
Especially since when they got home, they talked their parents (suckers)
into letting them build a huge fort for the night.
Sweet dreams.