Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Brand On His Forehead

I have taken Kean's temperature so many times today... it is a wonder he doesn't
have a permanent mark across his head.
His Croup is tons better... meaning he is breathing without laboring. But he still has a nasty
cough and has been running just under the dreaded 101 all day. (101 is our signal to head to the hospital).
 I did talk to the nurse at MSTI today.  Since we were just in the E.R. yesterday, had his blood taken
and his counts were good... I was "allowed" to give Kean some Tylenol since he is so miserable.
Crazy how I have to get permission to give the boy Tylenol.  But they don't want the
medicine masking an illness if that makes sense.
Even with the Tylenol though, he was still running in the high 99's.
He is definitely fighting something.  Let's just hope his counts are high enough for him
to get over this on his own and more importantly somehow avoid a little
staycation at hotel St. Luke's.