Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today started way too early.
But on the bright side, Kean didn't have any time to realize he was fasting.
We just got up, numbed him up, dressed him up and headed to the hospital.
My sweet friend Colleen Riggs (my girls adore her), came over to make
sure the girls got their teeth brushed, hair combed, shoes on... you know, all
that stuff so they don't look homeless going to school.
Here they are rocking out to Radio Disney while waiting for the bus.
Kami Reeve was our date for the day.
I think she and Kean must've secretly talked last night to color coordinate their clothing.
Between the two of us, we kept him pretty entertained (or snuggled up) while we
waited for his blood results.
 Once again, he did not make counts.
Today he came in at 620 and needs to be at 750.
At least we are headed in the right direction.
And honestly, after Reese kept us up for a good two hours in the night after
having a nightmare (about vampires of all things), I was kind of relieved to get to go home with
only a short stint at the hospital.
Kami got to hold onto fuzzball while they de-accessed his port.
Here's some great news.  The next phase of Chemo is not toxic on the hair (just the liver and kidneys).
And then we let the boy eat!
And guess who we ran into?  Our friends Amy and Audrey from the Twin Falls area.
Sweet Audrey is doing well but will be getting a boat load of Chemo today.
She is constantly in our prayers, along with our little guy.
We go in again on Thursday to try, try again.
What a way to spend Valentines, eh?