Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Music To My Ears

Kean did somewhat better today as far as the fever went.
But unfortunately, it was back this evening (right around 100.4).
He's in bed now and we're hoping for a night with no surprises.
He had his first session with his new Speech Therapist today, Leni.
You'd think they were old friends-- he was totally comfortable with her.
And I think they'll be great together.
One exciting bit of news to throw out--
Two friends came over for lunch today-- Dustin Simpson who came up with the idea to
throw a concert this summer to raise money in honor of Kean -- we decided the money should go for the St. Luke's
Pediatric Oncology unit that will be part of the new children's hospital tower they
will be building.
We met with Drew LaRona who works with one of the big concert promoters in town. 
We hammered out all kinds of details but it all hinges on pulling in a big name act. 
We decided if we are going to go to all this work... we might as well go big.
So if you have any great connections in the world of music-- dust 'em off
and get dialing or emailing.  This is for a good cause-- one all too near and dear to my heart.
C'mon Team Kean.