Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Little Hero

Another day.
Another battle to keep Reese away from Kean.
She stayed home from school today... and acts much better.
But she does have a stuffy nose, wicked cough and a strange looking eye.
It's not Pink Eye... but is red all around her right eye.
 For the day after getting a boat load of Chemo, Kean is doing remarkably well.
He has had a decent appetite and has been mostly happy.
He truly amazes me.
If I were in his shoes, I'd likely be curled up on the couch crying for my momma.
We have ten days in between treatments on this phase.  Every ten days
he will get a Spinal Tap with Chemo.  I tell ya, this little boy is a trooper.
Perhaps I should quite calling him Fuzzball and start calling him Hero Boy.
p.s.  date night.  Watching The Notebook.  Betting that both my eyes will be as red
as Reese's one eye by the end of the movie.