Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, February 25, 2013

Another Chemo Cocktail

Well, we made it through another Chemo day... which means we are that much closer
to ending this journey.
I just choose to think of it that way... rather than being overwhelmed with the
September 13, 2015 end date.
Today, my dear friend Stacey Hofman was our date.
I can't believe how many great friends we are surrounded by...
great friends who have the talent and capacity to make a long day of Chemo
actually an enjoyable event.
 Plus it helps we adore the nurses and doctors who work at MSTI.
Penny- you've met before.  She's lovingly referred to as the Chemo Queen.
Kean always lights up when she is around to sing and dance with him.
But today, he was very focused on the video Cars.
We had to wait quite a while it seemed for the Chemo drugs to arrive from the pharmacy.
Kean's counts were so good today (just over a thousand) that the doc bumped up
the amount of Chemo he was given.

This phase that he is in calls for the amount of Chemo to be increased
each time... if his counts are above 750.
Isn't that crazy... with any other disease, it seems like if you are doing better
they cut back the medicine, instead of increasing it.
Oh well, nothing about Cancer makes very much sense.
We're just thrilled he's doing so well.
And we attribute that to your many prayers.
Thank you.


Debbie said...

"Nothing about cancer makes very much sense." You said it all, sister! You and the fam are doing a terrific job working through it, though! xoxoxo deb