Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Fuzzball is keeping us guessing.
His fever finally broke but he has been Miserable- with a capital M.
We did manage to pull off two therapy sessions- albeit shortened ones. 
 Andrea and her intern Katie got him up and walking behind his little red Mustang.
 But he didn't make it too far.
He seemed to like resting on the flashing lights.  He is such a funny kid.
Maureen came at lunchtime and while he didn't have loads of energy,
we did get him to play ball.
Poor little one just didn't have much energy today.
No surprise, he was up quite a bit in the night, has a nose like a mountain stream
and a wicked cough.
But his body is doing something right-- 'cause he beat the fever
at least for today and hopefully for good.
We are making a progress on our fundraiser concert.
Got lots of feelers going out.
Keep your fingers crossed someone big has a big heart!