Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Infirmary

Knock on wood... but I'm hoping we've once again dodged the ol' proverbial bullet.
Late last night, Greer started complaining of a very painful earache and aching legs.
By the time I crawled into bed, I was aching everywhere and shivering uncontrollably
(that's even with an electric blanket on high)!
This morning, things weren't much better.  Greer was hurting, I was miserable
and quite concerned that the flu shots we had all gotten were for naught.
My super mom to the rescue...
She came and got Kean (and as an added bonus, Reese) out of the house.
I put drops in Greer's ear, gave her Ibuprofen, drugged myself up and headed back to bed.
I slept hard for four hours and woke up feeling almost back to normal.
Same with Greer.
Whatever that was... we somehow lucked out and either got the shortest bout with
the flu ever recorded... or I just needed a short sabbatical from life.
Either way, we both feel pretty good tonight.
Greer and Holland are hard at it making homemade Valentines.

 And Kean and Reese came home from the Grandparents happy and well fed.
Kean, by the way, is starting to get a little fuzz on his head!
 I promise it is there... these darn cameras (or the person behind the camera)
can't quite capture it.
But it is coming in... blond, blond, blond-- much lighter than the golden color
he had before.  Let's just hope this next 57 day phase of Chemo doesn't take
away the little progress we have going.