Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, May 19, 2014


Let's talk crazy, cool coincidences.
Guess whose office is right across the street from
where Kean goes to therapy school every Monday morning?
Motorcycle Jeff and Motorcycle Bill's office!
Their architectural firm is literally right, smack dab across the street!
Can we say meant to be friends?
Anyway, today, after therapy, I took Kean (and some treats)
over to their office to say hello and meet the women behind the helmet.
On the far left is Lisa.  It was her husband who designed
the skulls, the flames and the eight ball for Kean's helmet.
Ashlund (on the far right) was her partner in crime.
Of course, that's Motorcycle Jeff holding the boy.
And Shannon is in the green.
Unfortunately, Motorcycle Bill got called out of the office for a meeting.
Guess we'll have to go back again.
p.s.  Kean finally said the word "Jeff".
Now onto "Bill".
p.p.s.  Kean asked for a motorcycle ride about
20 times while we were there.  Crazy kid.