Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, May 18, 2014

So Adored

Can someone explain to me how these kids keep growing up
so quickly right under our noses?
My oldest nephew, Derek finished high school this week
and tonight he graduated from Seminary (a series of church classes
that coincide with high school).
 I remember when he was born... and since I was a bit on the old side
when I got married, it was beyond exciting to have a nephew...
especially one so adored and adorable.
Looks like he's still adored, eh?
 Byron stayed home with the Keanut man-- the two
invalids hanging out together.
Actually, they reported they had a grand time..
and look how spoiled they are--
Our super cool friends, twins-- Shannon Bluth and Sheryl Alderman
brought over a fresh strawberry pie for the boy.
Word has it... he LOVED it!