Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


We gambled a bit today.
Kean hasn't been wanting to work very hard for Andrea, his
Physical Therapist at our house, so we took him to the park.
Early-- before any other germy kids showed up.
It was worth it.
He climbed up and down stairs,
 went down a bunch of slides and plum wore himself out.
We did run into a slight snafu.
While we had the park to ourselves, there was a crew
of maintenance workers.
And guess what comes with  maintenance workers-- 
no, not motorcycles but lawn mowers.
Let's just say, Kean was majorly distracted
(but we got a lot of walking in chasing them around the park).
 I think we freaked out one of the lawn care guys enough
by staring at him, that he turned off his machine
and offered for Kean to climb aboard.
 I seriously think Kean felt like a king on his throne.
What a nice guy to stop work and let Kean hijack his mower.