Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, May 16, 2014

Holy Cow!!!!

I continue to be amazed by the goodness and kindness of the people in our lives.
Today, both of our Motorcycle Men showed up-- bearing a very special gift 
for the Keanut man.
 They brought him his very own big boy motorcycle helmet.
Evidently, one of the women who works in their office 
has a husband who is an artist-- together, they all came up with the design.
If you remember from past blogs, Bill (on the left above) has the big
8 ball on his helmet, while Jeff has the flaming skulls on his.
I love everything about it-- especially since it represents both of
these great men.
 It is too big for the boy-- we plan on hanging it in his room 
until he grows into it--
to remind him how loved he is and how much we love
the Motorcycle Men!
Holland got to wear it today-- but only after Kean beat
on her head like a drum.
 Today was also the day we doctored up Kean's shoes
and sent him for his maiden voyage.
His legs are just the length that his tennis shoes sit just above
the exhaust pipe (or something that gets really hot).
The rubber on the bottom of his left shoe is just a melted mess-
and to make matters worse, the shoe was leaving little rubber reminders
on some very, very expensive Harley Davidson's (not good).
 So after searching all over town for some wooden or leather soled bottomed shoes
and failing... we took insulator wrap, cut it up and glued it to the bottom of his shoes.
The wrap can withstand heat of up to 2000 degrees-- and it worked like a charm.
For now he just looks like some Rasta boy from some beach community.
 Who cares!  Anyone they pass is gonna be looking at that cute boy
with the grin on his face or the ultra cool helmets they are all sporting!