Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Horsey Hugs

I was wrong.  Delightfully so.
Here I thought after yesterday Kean would definitely have a difficult day today--
but for the most part (he had his moments) he did great!
He also had his first horse therapy lesson since last fall.
 I wasn't sure how he'd do..
if it would take time to warm up to the horse again.
But he was so excited and kept saying "horse, horse".
Kean wasn't confident enough to ride Romeo by himself
so Pam Brown, who went along with us today hopped up
to provide moral support.
 Kean had a ball-  he rode inside the arena and then outside
since it was a perfect, perfect day.
By the end of the session, he was giving Romeo hugs!
It was the best.
This evening, Robyn Gines came over and watched the boy while
Holland and Reese were at the school's science fair.  Greer
and I went to a Mother/Daughter dinner at the church.
We played a version of Family Feud-- with mom's and girls
facing off against other moms' and their daughters.
 Greer was a hoot to hang out with.
We had a blast.
Sure love my kiddos.
And my friends for helping out.