Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tongue Tied

Mom got a break today... when Pam Brown came over
and took Kean to his horse therapy.
 He did great with Romeo again... giving him lots of hugs.
And he must have worked hard, he came home absolutely exhausted.
Meanwhile, I got lots of bills paid-- all uninterrupted.
 After his nap, it was cycle time with "Motorcycle Jeff".
Look who climbed up on the bike all by his big boy self
(don't worry, we were right there).
 Kean and Motorcycle Jeff had a grand time-- lots of clapping
as usual.
 But what wasn't usual, was when he got back, he all of a sudden acted totally freaked out.
It wasn't until much later, when he was still acting so off
that we examined him and found that Kean had bitten his tongue.
Poor little guy-- wish once again, he could talk.
Just so you know, he's in bed and seems fine.