Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Sleeping People

Boy, we couldn't have ordered up a more beautiful day for Memorial Day.
After our BBQ, we went over to the cemetery.  
We don't live too far from the Veteran's cemetery and it is
connected to Dry Creek where my nephew, Isaac is buried.
 We took over a bouquet of flowers for Isaac's grave
(plus a little angel Greer had put together).
He died shortly after his birth.
 We also visited the three graves of my cousin's children.
A group of five teens were on their way to school one winter morning
and slid off the road into a large pond where they all drowned.
They kids were all extraordinary and their deaths are still felt
strongly in our community and in our family.
Their gravestones are some of the most beautiful tributes
you've ever seen.
The girls enjoyed reading about each of their lives.
All I could think of tonight as I looked at all these graves 
in the children's section
was what heartbreak to see so many lives cut short.
I always wonder what the story is behind each name
and each stone.
There was one that had two little cars parked by the child's name.
Another had a burger and a package of french fries.
We spent quite a bit of time walking around reading
 all of the names, dates and tributes.
That, and listening to Reese tell us repeatedly to be quiet
so we don't wake the dead people.


Unknown said...

Thanks Lonni for placing flowers on Isaac's grave. We really appreciate it.

Love You,