Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Festival of the Moths

So last night's birthday party had a little hitch.
On top of one of the girls having a reaction from having too much dairy (ice cream),
another having an allergy attack and still another having a headache-- our part of 
the valley has  been inundated with swarms of moths.
Thousands, thousands and thousands.
It's gross and icky and freaky all at once..
A few of the girls were spending the night and they freaked out at the number of moths
in the barn (a few sneaked into the little loft apartment and that was  a few too many).
I guess some of the girls called their parents they were so rattled.
We finally got them settled down and moved into the house and onto the couches.
But poor Greer felt bad and felt like those dang moths ruined her party.
Dunt, dunt, da da... Byron to the rescue.
He came up with the idea of turning lemon into lemonade, well, actually,
the moth fiasco into the 2014 Festival of the Moths.
For breakfast this morning, we lit candles and let the girls
dance around the table and the light.
 We also made moth shaped  pancakes and sang moth themed songs.
 It seemed to work, Greer was all smiles...
as were all the girls.
 We voted Kean the Moth King.
Hey, every festival has to have a king.
And doesn't it say somewhere that your hair is your crowning glory--
well, check out that crown!
 Kean's royal reign continued after his nap
when Byron's good friend Shane Harris came by to 
pick up the tractor he keeps stored at our place.
 Guess who got a ride?
The Moth King had a good day.