Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wild Kingdom

Kean started off his morning with a ride on Romeo
for horse therapy.
Our boy has really turned a corner-- he now
loves to ride.
Today, we tried trotting for the first time
and he was all smiles-- big ones.
(my camera skills, however, won't make you smile.
I haven't quite mastered holding the phone up and out,
holding onto Kean's britches
and running alongside a horse).
After therapy, we took a short walk through the neighborhood.
We were stalled out for a while after we came across
a big ol' snake slowly making his way across
Grandpa Bodily's driveway.
I was too freaked out to get a picture.
But we did get a picture of this wild little bunny in the neighbor's yard.
That wasn't the end to Kean's day of wildlife...
we saved the most ferocious one for last...
the untamed, wild Harley.
If you won't count that, the boys
did see a dead snake on the road.
Today, Jeff had us grab one of Kean's 
favorite C.D.'s to jam to as they rode...
These two guys are about as cool as they come.