Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Today was one of those days that was just wonderful.
The kids made me stay in bed, while they (with Gimpy supervising)
whipped up a breakfast to impress --
pancakes, pear sauce, strawberries, mangoes, bananas
and fresh squeezed orange juice.
I felt royally royal.
 My favorite part of  Mother's Day are those homemade gifts
and cards the kids make.
I got this sweet beaded necklace made my Reesey...
 and this framed self-portrait of Greer.
All keepers, for sure.
 The girls and I went to church which was actually a really
great meeting with the kids singing two songs to the moms
and then all the young men and dads serenading us at the end of church.
For dinner, we headed over to spend the evening with my favorite mom-- my mom.
Their neighbors, and our friends, Janice and Bob Ward joined us.
And after dinner, Bob wowed the kids (and all the adults) with
some pretty tricky magic tricks.
Greer and later Reese got to be his trusty assistants.
What a grand day-- no sniffles after last nights emotional post.
Hope all of you had a lovely one too.


Julie Overfield said...

I'm so glad it was a good Mother's Day! Love and hugs to you and your whole family :>)