Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Today was a ten on the excitement meter for Keanut.
His original partner in ride... "Motorcycle Jeff" is back in the saddle
again (after having surgery two weeks ago).
If only Byron would heal as quickly.
If I am being completely honest, I'll have to admit, Kean
seemed more excited to see the big black beast than he
was to see Motorcycle Jeff.
 He couldn't wait to get into the saddle... was all business
 and all smiles.
Of course, the sad side to this story is we won't get
to see "Motorcycle Bill" as often. He is Jeff's boss
who was filling in.
But Bill has promised to fill in anytime and we're hoping he'll
just come over on those sunny days when he wants to go for a ride
with a clapping, singing, perfectly content little boy!
We adore our motorcycle men.


Marti said...

Ahhhh, so much testosterone, so little opportunity!

Love the helmets! Love the leather! Even liking the crutches (but feel better soon, Byron!).