Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Super Saturday

Another beautiful day in Idaho.
After the girls got their chores done and while Kean took a nap,
Byron pulled out the old Mustang and went and picked my
dad up to have the girls take him to lunch.
 I think my dad enjoyed it.
He is sometimes hard to get out of the house when my mom is on a trip...
but who can turn down a date with three crazy girls?
Meanwhile, Kean  wasn't left totally out of the fun.
"Motorcycle Bill" drove all the way over from Middleton
where he lives to take Keanut for a ride.
And a ride on a cycle was enough of an incentive to get Kean
back walking on those feet-- albeit, gingerly.
 One of our favorite friends, Mary K brought over
Goodwood's BBQ for dinner tonight and then we 
played games until Reese and Kean could hardly keep their eyes open.
It was a good day and a great Saturday.