Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Boy Thing

When it comes to therapy, Kean is hit or miss.
Maybe he's moody.
Maybe he doesn't feel well--
who knows.
All I know is some days he's happy, cooperative and ready to work.
Other days I feel bad for this therapists.
Today at speech, he was right down the middle.  He put in about
fifty percent and then was done and I mean done.
It was kind of the same story at his little therapy school yesterday.
But last week-- wowza.
Maureen brought this new game called "What's In Ned's Head".
And let me tell you-- lots of gross stuff.
The game consists of a big hollowed out head.
 Kean has to reach inside Ned's orifices-- his nose, mouth or ears
and pull out all kinds of yucky items.
 Here he is matching up the plastic "vomit" to the picture on the card.
He pulled out all kinds of lovely items-- a spider, a dirty diaper, 
a giant ant, a dirty Q-tip and on and on.
Personally, I was completely grossed out
while Kean was in full glee mode.
Go figure.
It must be a boy thing.


Stacy said...

I bought that game for Ned's kids! ��