Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kitty Cat Kisses

Kean's horse therapist told us today she's been picking
Romeo for him to ride because to her he's a prince riding in on a white horse!
Gotta love that.
Thursdays are some of our favorite days!
 We had Mari Tanner as our walker today-- which is pretty
amazing since her daughter is getting married in a week!
I tried to video tape Kean "trotting" again.  When they 
are going, going, he looks pretty unsettled
but the minute he's done, he breaks out in all smiles.
I don't know if I've talked about how Kean kisses... but
imagine a cat licking your face.  We all die laughing-- that is until
Byron reminds us we won't think it's so dang cute when he's sixteen
and still licking faces.
When he went to say goodbye to Romeo today, Kean gave
the horse a big lick on the side of his face.
Make that a big hairy lick.
Just a quick mention.  By this evening, Kean was feeling quite lousy.
But what is so great about that is he becomes the cuddle man.
And I promise you, there's nothing better--
a cuddly, cat like licking, sweet boy.