Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Flying Pigs

Surprise, surprise.
Kean got his very own package in the mail.
 The package contained a poster from the "When Pigs Fly" Marathon
in Cincinnati and his very own running medal.
This makes the third marathon medal his runner, Clair
has sent to him.  She's a mom, a pediatrician and a runner
in Lexington, Kentucky who runs on behalf of the Keanut man.
The organization ( on Facebook has taken off.
There are now thousands of runners waiting to be matched with a child
who cannot physically run for himself.
So if you know of any special needs kiddos or children
with health issues and challenges-- have them sign up!
We have loved this experience and can't wait to someday
meet Clair and her cute family.