Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, July 1, 2013

Super Chemo Man

Big exhale.
Kean did great today.
(He's vomited twice tonight and had the runs... but he did great today).
Stephanie Simpson (on the right) was our Chemo date today... as was
my cousin's daughter, Christina.  She is the Valley's Junior Miss
and wants to go serenade the little Cancer kiddos with her beautiful voice.

 Today we made her sing for Kean while he got his blood drawn
(and thankfully after last week's stresser, it worked perfectly), while
they took his vitals and when they de-accessed his port.
 He's gone down a bit in his counts (to the 600's) but the doc said no matter what,
in this phase, they move forward with the Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap to put
Chemo in his brain and spine).
I'm sure you can't tell, but Kean is in this picture, that's him on the bed, 
under the hands of the RespiratoryTherapist.
 I guess they had some kind of emergency coming in, so the doctors were
in a hurry to get Kean's procedure done before they were pulled.
I swear, they had him out and done in record time.
Our boy just took his own sweet time (as usual) coming back to consciousness.
Guess who came home from Texas tonight-- our sweet Greer.
I didn't capture it, but Kean was thrilled.
 And oh, was he ever happy to see his Grammy.
Me too!