Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, July 18, 2013

In Absentia

Kinda strange to have today be Reesey's 7th birthday
and she's not even here to celebrate.
I sure hope she had a special day up at Camp Rainbow Gold.
We sent a few little presents and cards up with the girls
so hopefully she won't recreate the pose in this picture.
We sent this out as a Christmas card many years ago
and it still makes me giggle.
 You know what Thursday means... another horse therapy lesson for Keanut.
Something quite interesting happened today though...
he was riding along happily when Reba the horse
did this giant shudder thing.  It must've felt like an earthquake to the boy.
He started to slip but with me on one side and Kevin on another, he wasn't
going anywhere.
 Still, it freaked him out sufficiently.
He had to get off the horse and be hugged until he stopped crying.
But get this, he got right back on and was happy again.
Super Boy!
We went over to my folks house this afternoon.
My dad is famous for sneaking the kids Jelly Bellies.
And of course, Kean is quite the convert to the practice.
I think because of these bribes... Kean has quickly learned
how to say "Grandpa".
Pretty cool stuff.
Here he is when it was time to say goodbye.
Yippee... the girls come home tomorrow!