Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mr. Giggleston

Since we live in the hills overlooking Boise, it is illegal for us to even light
so much as a sparkler. Last night, we (along with our friends Stacy and Brett) just sat outside and watched
the fireworks all over the valley.  It was great.
 Frankly, I didn't miss trying to keep the kids from
turning into little pyros.
And lucky us, forget the fireworks, we saw quite the show.
Someone less than a mile away was lighting off illegal fireworks
and literally, seconds after Byron pointed out the embers falling from the sky
and said there would be fire-- yep, you guessed it, there was a fire in a field.
All the kids were way into watching the flames flare up, get beaten down and then
see the fleet of fire trucks and police cars race to the area.
Pretty exciting stuff--- even better than the lights in the sky!
This morning came too early though.
Luckily, we had Lindsay over this morning to work with Kean.

 She took him to the park for a little while and then came home and
helped me (and Reese) read and sing to him-- really we were just trying to
keep him occupied so he wouldn't pull his hearing aid out.
And it worked.  He only yanked it out once or twice.
So we are making progress.
 This evening we went swimming with the Moomey's and their grandchildren.
Kean was a wild man-- and I'm talking wild!
I swear the boy thinks he is Michael Phelps.
He flips around, kicks and tries to float on his back.
He's crazy in the pool-- I feel like I'm trying to hold onto jello.
He has definitely turned a corner and is feeling much better
after Monday's Chemo.
So good to have Mister Giggleston back.
(The girls made that nickname up, not me).